CDs Available

The River Road Poetry Series is an innovative venture into sound publishing that creates an audio collection of Australian poets reading their work. Off to a great start the titles available in the series are:

No. 1 The Sweeping Plain – Michael Sharkey

No. 2 Uncommon Light – Brook Emery

No. 3 Photography for Beginners – Stephen Edgar

No. 4 Kept Busy – Joanne Burns

No. 5 Cut by Stars – Judith Beveridge

No. 6 Open Water – David Musgrave

No. 7 The Kindly Ones – Susan Hampton

No. 8 Collected Voices of New Felons

No. 9 The Other Side of Things – Vivian Smith

No.10 The Transformation Boat – Peter Boyle

No.11 The Road South – Mark Tredinnick

No.12 Scissors, Fire, Paper, Water

No.15 The Philosophy of Clothes

No.14 Coffee with Miles – Geoff Page

No.15 Totem Poem – Luke Davies

No.16 Laughing in Greek – Jan Owen

No.17 The Domestic Sublime – Chris Wallace-Crabbe

No.18  My Life in Theatre – Kris Hemensley

No.19  The Witnesses  – Fay Zwicky

No.20 The Tibetan Cabinet  – Caroline Caddy

No.21  Flying Low in the Minor Key  – Anthony Lawrence

Anthony Lawrence CD cover image 21

CD retail price is $18. River Road CDs can be bought online by clicking on the buttons above and are also available from the following good bookshops:

The River Road Poetry Series is also available from CDBaby, iTunes and Amazan so you can download albums or individual tracks for  Stephen Edgar’s Photography for Beginners, Judith Beveridge’s Cut by Stars, joanne burn’s kept busy, Vivian Smith’s The Other Side of  Things, Mark Tredinnick’s The Road South and  Scissors, Fire, Paper, Water. Other River Road Press titles will be joining them soon.