Why Audio Poetry ?

It is too easy to forget that the poetry we read is meant to be heard, meant to be read aloud, a spoken, as well as a written art. The pact the writer and reader have in a book is so wonderfully efficient that we can race through without listening to the voice inside us saying the poem. Hearing the poem read aloud adds another dimension to the experience – the subtleties of rhythm, intonation, pause and pitch are there in the poet’s own voice. Last year I became hooked on the immediacy of poems being whispered in my ear from my MP3 player and thought the combination a pleasure that beckoned a wider audience. The River Road Poetry Series also recognizes the need to record and preserve the richness and diversity of contemporary Australian poetry and, over time, it will grow into an important cultural record. Keep listening.


River Road Press was established by Carol Jenkins in 2007. The technology, the poets and the poems were all there, waiting. There was some cassette recordings in the National Library of Australian from the 60′ & 70’s, a few good things recorded by Geoff Page, with his CD at ‘Chats’, but nothing on a national scale.

River Road Press sets out to document the best of Australian poetry and deliver it to the listening world.


At the moment the River Road Poetry Series is by invitation only but there will be a call for submissions of poems on specific subjects, anthologies on Food and Art at Agnes are on the horizon, maybe even a collection on dogs or gods. If you are interested in knowing about call outs for poems or the next launch event send your Name & Email to cjenkins[at]riverroadpress [dot]net and I will keep you posted.


As part of the work to promote Australian poetry internationally, River Road Press has ongoing collaborations with the UK’s prestigious The Poetry Archive audio poetry website and the US Poetry Foundation. You can join millions of poetry sleuths who visit these sites to read and listen into poems, including many River Road Press poets.  You can check out audio and poems via links on the CD pages in this website.


Subscription or trade supply enquires to PO Box 241 Spit Junction 2088 NSW Australia or Email cjenkins[at]riverroadpress[dot]net