Caroline Caddy – The Tibetan Cabinet, selected poems

Available from 27 February 2010

Sleeve Notes for Caroline Caddy’s The Tibetan Cabinet- selected poems

Listen in to award winning WA poet Caroline Caddy reading from three decades of her work., is refreshing in both its linguistic ease and intellectual calm. In many of these poems Caddy focuses on how minutia and the moment of looking can flow out into a broader understanding of the how the world works. The maxim that good poets write for, and from their own voice is well realized in this rewarding audio collection with poems from her major books Conquistadors, Antarctica, Working Temple, Editing the Moon  and Esperance.

“…Caddy balances her enthusiasm, wry humour and acute perceptions on order to integrate the poet’s vision with her humanity”   The Poetry Book Club of Australia

Biographical Note

Caroline Caddy was born in Perth, Western Australia, 1944 and spent her childhood in the United States of America and Japan. Since then, Caroline has lived much of her life in Western Australia, where she raised her two children. She has lived, worked and travelled widely in China, through country towns of Western Australia and was poet in residence on an ANARE expedition to Antarctica in the summer of 1993-94.

Caddy has published eight books of poetry, received national and state fellowships for creative writing, won the WA Week Literary Award for Poetry and the Association for the Study of Australian Literature Banjo Award in 1992.

In 2008 she won the Wesley Michel Wright Prize in Poetry for her book Esperance (Fremantle Press, 2007), which was also short listed for the John Bray Poetry Award at the Adelaide Writers’ Festival and the Western Australian Premier’s Award.

Her later books have centred on cross cultural themes between Australia and China. Caroline lives on a farm outside of Denmark and produces olive oil from her own trees.

Playlist: The Tibetan Cabinet

  1. Equation                                        0’46”
  2. Garden                                          1’02”
  3. Jealousy                                         1’20”
  4. Snow                                              0’51”
  5. Huskies                                          1’19”
  6. Poem                                             1’20”
  7. Human Behaviour                         0’57”
  8. Pilot                                               1’16”
  9. Japanese Woman in Antarctica     0’37”
  10. High Seas                                       1’03”
  11. Solitude                                           0’56”
  12. Youth                                             1’09”
  13. The Universe Wishing to Teach    1’44”
  14. Fine Art                                         2’09”
  15. Reading Chinese Poetry               0’34”
  16. Persimmon                                   1’38”
  17. Editing the Moon                         1’13”
  18. The Wind                                      0’56”
  19. Science                                          1’12”
  20. Night Moves                                 1’12”
  21. Maringarup Pools                         1’45”
  22. Wave Rock                                   1’21”
  23. Esperance                                      1’26”
  24. Thunder                                          2’03”
  25. Kittens                                            2’00”
  26. The Tibetan Cabinet                       1’16”
  27. Burning Bright                              1’05”

Running Time:  33 minutes  09 seconds

Copyright Caroline Caddy © 2010

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Thanks to Sharon Flindell and writingWA for their invitation to Apropos Poetry in February 2009 which provided an opportunity to record these poems.

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