Judith Beveridge’s Cut by Stars

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Sleeve Notes: Cut By Stars

From the first line, Judith Beveridge’s listeners will find themselves in the now. An argument that “now” is the place to be unfolds with subtle diplomacy. The persuasions for it are even-handed and unflinching as she considers dung collectors, storms, bird feathers and bats with equal love. In each work, the observations have a scalpel’s sharpness tempered by a Buddhist kindness. All of these poems, to borrow one of her phrases, qualify as devout inventories. Beveridge has an unfailing ear for how the music of the world can be translated into words. Here are concision and a virtuostic flex of language that speaks of enlightenment.

Biographical Note

Judith Beveridge has published three books of poetry all of which have won major prizes: The Domesticity of Giraffes (Black Lighting Press 1987); Accidental Grace, (UQP, 1996) and Wolf Notes (Giramondo Publishing, 2003). She is the poetry editor of Meanjin. In 2005 she was awarded the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal for excellence in literature. She currently teaches poetry at post-graduate level at the University of Sydney and at post-graduate and undergraduate level at the University of Newcastle. She has edited UQP’s The Best Australian Poetry 2006 as well as co-edited anthologies from the Newcastle Poetry Prize, Sunweight (2005) and The Honey Fills the Cone (2006).

This audio CD was recorded and produced by Carol Jenkins for River Road Press.

The cover photograph of Wolf-Rayet Star NGC 2359 is used with kind permission of Peter Challis.


  1. The Saffron Picker
  2. The Lake
  3. Exsanguination
  4. Woman and Child
  5. Crew
  6. Dawn
  7. The River
  8. Tigers
  9. A Vow
  10. The Kite
  11. A Way
  12. In the Forest
  13. Path
  14. Apprentice
  15. Sailor
  16. Boy With a kaleidoscope
  17. Man Washing On a Railway Platform
  18. The Dung Collector
  19. Yachts
  20. How to Love Bats
  21. Kookaburra
  22. The Domesticity of Giraffes
  23. Orb Spider
  24. The Two Brothers
  25. A Way ( three part mix)

Running Time: 47′

Tracks 1 to 15 and 25 from Wolf Notes and present all the VCE list poems. Tracks 16 to 21 from Accidental Grace. Tracks 22 to 24 from The Domesticity of Giraffes

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