David Musgrave’s Open Water

Sleeve Notes for Open Water

Here David Musgrave lays out a cunning argument that in literature, as in chemistry, water is the universal solvent. His is a super saturated proposition, he squeezes water from the conjugations of life, and convinces us of that a love affair with water is a euphoria worth falling for. You could say these are vernacular poems of surprising formal complexity, sophisticated syntax , glossed by the classics, feed on an a dazzling linguistics, a wicked eye, a sharp twist of ideas, a generously civil view and emotional depth, or you could just listen in and wonder.

“Open Water is a collaboration between David Musgrave and his wife, Fiona Robards, which consists of 80 poems with around 100 photographs (of which the cover photograph is one)., all concerned with the theme of water in all its states (“He paints with words, she with light” (Peter Kirpatrick)) Biography David Musgrave is an Australian poet, critic and publisher. He’s published three books of poetry: To Thalia (2004), On Reflection (2005) and Watermark (2006). He has published widely in Australia, New Zealand and the USA and has won or been short listed for several major prizes in Australia. In 2005 he founded the literary publishing house Puncher & Wattmann (http://www.puncherandwatmann.com), which has rapidly established itself as one of Australia’s leading poetry publishers. He is married and lives in Sydney, where from time to time he works (reluctantly).

Open Water Play List

  1. Fog 1:31
  2. Death by Water 1:27
  3. Watermark 0:43
  4. Steam 1:08
  5. Skimming Stone 0:37
  6. Wollomombi Falls 1:07
  7. The Water in Japan 1:28
  8. Rain 0:36
  9. Tears 0:47
  10. Snow 1:02
  11. Seaweed 0:38
  12. Puddles 0:40
  13. The Fitzroy River 1:28
  14. Aqueous Humour 1:01
  15. Mountain Stream 1 0:38
  16. Billabong 1:34
  17. Urine 1:30
  18. Australian Beach Scene 1:43
  19. Museum of Open Air 1:06
  20. Mountain Stream 2 1:06
  21. Open Water 2:06
  22. The Lake 1:23
  23. A Glass of Water 0:41
  24. Jellyfish 1:51
  25. Ice 1:05
  26. The Fishermen 1:00
  27. Whales, Head of Bight 0:38
  28. Dew 1:28
  29. Lagoon 1:51
  30. Water 0:18