Stephen Edgar’s Photography for Beginners

Sleeve Notes: Stephen Edgar’s Photography for Beginners

Listen to Stephen Edgar reading a selection of poems, ranging over his last 12 years in print, and you will hear why he is one of Australia’s most important poets. Taken from his books Corrupted Treasures (William Heinmann), Where the Trees Were (Indigo), Lost in the Foreground (Duffy and Snellgrove) and his latest book Other Summers (Black Pepper), in these poems we meet the pleasant paradox that within his formal sense of poetic structure you might find anything, and in the finding, know it more fully and truly.

“I can’t think of anyone writing poetry in English, at the moment or recently, who renders the natural world with the voluptuous precision of Stephen Edgar. These are poems of elegance and depth.”

August Kleinzahler


Biographical Note

Stephen Edgar was born in Sydney in 1951 and grew up and was educated there. In the early seventies he lived in London and, on returning to Australia in 1974, moved to Hobart, Tasmania, where he lived until recently. He currently lives in Sydney again. He attended the University of Tasmania, studying Classics and English. He has published six collections of poetry, the most recent being Other Summers. His previous book, Lost in the Foreground, won the Grace Leven prize for 2004. He won the inaugural Australian Book Review Poetry Prize in 2005 for “Man on the Moon”, which appears in Other Summers, and in 2006 was awarded the Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal for literature.


  1. The Secret Life of Books 1′25″
  2. A Thousand Words 1′06″
  3. Contents Page 2′ 09″
  4. All Will Be Revealed 1′ 03″
  5. Incident At Grantley Manor 3′ 31″
  6. Diversions Of A Painter 4′ 54″
  7. Eight Heaven 3′ 31″
  8. Living Colour 2′ 49″
  9. Satie: Scraps And Sketches 3′12″
  10. Photography For Beginners 1′ 34″
  11. The Menger Sponge 1′ 37″
  12. Man On The Moon 2′ 36″
  13. The Sail And The Gannet 1′ 46″
  14. Sun Pictorial 2′ 30″
  15. Complete Works 3′ 04″
  16. Im Sommerwind 1′ 16″

Running time: 37′ 9″

Photography for Beginners  is available as an MP3 download from Itunes  and CDBaby