Anthology : Collected Voices of New Felons

Sleeve Notes for New Felons

Is what we discover for ourselves new? In this collection, prefaced by Vivian Smith’s ‘There is no Sleight of Hand’ we find people speaking new things for themselves. From Linda Godfrey’s sharp over-listening ear, through Craig Billingham’s plangent sonnet and Nick Powell’s persuasive tour of Apollinarian madness, till we arrive back at another beginning with Susan Hampton’s use of poetry as a diagnostic tool. This is deliberately polyglot, we get a bit of young rap from Seb Slater, Hooks from Ivy Ireland, Angela Costi’s girls ditch the dolls and pretty pics while Ali Jane Smith deals with a real live Dolly. Things here can get a bit silly, a lot loud and a little raw. These are not the usual suspects.

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Biographical Notes for Contributors ( in the order they appear in the play list)

Vivian Smith has been widely published in a literary career that started fifty years ago. His latest book is Along the Line (Salt) and a collection of his work The Other Side of Things is No. 9 in the River Road Poetry Series.

David Musgrave is an Australian poet, critic and publisher. He has published three books of poetry: To Thalia (Five Islands Press), On Reflection (IP) and Watermark (Picaro Press). He founded the literary publishing house Puncher & Wattmann in 2005. His audio CD of Open Water is No.6 in the River Road Poetry Series.

Carol Jenkins is a writer and visual artist who lives in Sydney. Fishing in the Devonian, first appeared in Island magazine, and is one of a series of science poems. One day she may get a book, right now she has River Road Press.

Victoria Ramsay is an Australian writer currently living in London. She has had poems published in literary journals and is currently working on her memoirs.

Keith Payne is an Irish poet. He travels, paints houses, usually lives in Dublin but spends a bit of time in Australia. Fishing for Mackerel appeared in Ilumina Poetry UnLimited Press Journal 2007.

Craig Billingham has studied Creative Writing at the University of Sydney and lives in the Blue Mountains. The poems here are from his recently published first collection of poetry storytelling (Five Islands Press) 2007.

Matt Moore is sometimes found at Sappho, that is when he is not stalking the Enmore Theatre. He is English, lives in Sydney and puts out the Sydney Poetry Blog.

Julie Chevalier is a Sydney poet and short story writer with a background in art. Both Courting and Untitled (Old Woman in Bed) 2000 are prose poems which show her interest in the dialogue that occurs when one genre comments on another.

Andrew Strickland grew up in Parkes. He works on short film, stories, words and hair. He lives in Blue Mountains and hangs out with his two beautiful children.

Ali Jane Smith’s first book Gala was published by Five Islands Press in 2006. She is the Director of the South Coast Writers Centre. A real live Dolly is from a series of poems based on the title of Dolly Parton albums

Angela Costi freelances as a writer, and works with communities across Victoria on arts projects. Her book Salt & Honey was published by Five Island Press in 2007.

Linda Godfrey has published poetry and short stories in anthologies and magazines. She has a Masters in Professional Writing (University of Technology, Sydney) and is working towards a Masters of Creative Arts-Research. Lili was previously published in the UTS Writers’ Anthology Nine Tenths

Seb Slater lives in Sydney and is about to embark on life in general, and words and music in particular, having just finished his HSC.

Ivy Ireland’s debut collection Incidental Complications was published in 2007 by the Poets Union of NSW. She is a Harpist, tap dancer, PhD. candidate and teaches creative writing and dance up Newcastle way.

Nick Powell’s was born in Armidale, NSW, studied Social Science at UNE, moved to Melbourne and has recently taken up residence in Finland (see Routti, Laura below). His book of Fallen Myth was published by the Poets Union in 2007.

Laura Routti is a Finnish poet-teacher-translator-traveler who loves long trips (see above). The poem Song was published in Voices from the Meadow, and broadcast on Writers Radio.

Susan Hampton ends the collection with some counsel how pathologies are expressed in the writer’s work. Her long poem The Kindly Ones, published in the eponymous book by Five Islands Press, is No. 7 in The River Road Poetry Series.

The track Nostalgia Addict was recorded by Arthur Tanaka and the Price of Love was recorded by Seb Slater. All other tracks recorded and produced by Carol Jenkins for River Road Press.

The cover image ‘Accidental Chiromancy’ is a scan collage by Carol Jenkins.


  1. There is No Sleight of Hand, Vivian Smith 0′ 48″
  2. Nostalgia Addict, David Musgrave 2′ 01″
  3. Fishing in the Devonian, Carol Jenkins 1′ 38″
  4. How have you been?, Victoria Ramsay 1′ 23″
  5. Fishing for Mackerel, Keith Payne 1′02″
  6. Courting, Julie Chevalier 1′ 19″
  7. Untitled (old woman in bed) 2000, Julie Chevalier 1′33″
  8. Four Sonnets, Craig Billingham 3′ 25″
  9. 6.10om to Lithgow, Craig Billingham 0′ 57″
  10. Daleks, Matt Moore 0′ 57″
  11. Conjunctionits, Matt Moore 2′ 09″
  12. Crush, Andrew Strickland 1′ 08″
  13. A Real Live Dolly, Ali Jane Smith 1′ 23″
  14. Girls have them too, Angela Costi 1′ 45″
  15. Train 2 Homebake*, Linda Godfrey 2′ 48″
  16. Lili*, Linda Godfrey 3′ 05″
  17. Price of Love, Seb Slater 4′ 38″
  18. Hook, Ivy Ireland 2′ 14″
  19. For Whoever’s Eyes are…, Nick Powell 2′ 36″
  20. Nalka, Laura Routti 0′ 28″
  21. Song, Laura Routti 1′ 37″
  22. Derrida is Dead, Susan Hampton 1′ 46″

*Read by Phoebe Nettleton

Running Time 40′ 04″