Mark Tredinninck’s The Road South


In this series of eclogues — updates for a faster century of Virgil’s manual of pastoral practice — Mark Tredinnick makes a slow road trip through a landscape of ideas, emotions and things. The scenery is real, intimate and mythic; the voice, gentle and urgent. “A poem is country,” Tredinnick writes, “and it needs you to keep walking it… You write it like rain; you enter it like nightfall.” These poems think musically and carefully about landscape, love and loss — they contemplate the world and how one might live in it with grace.

‘ Mark Tredinnick’s “Eclogues” … works elegantly and intimately over a huge terrain … a buoyant and immaculately orchestrated poem…”
Martin Harrison, John Jenkins, Jan Owen – Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology 2007

“Mark Tredinnick’s poetry is remarkable for the way in which it bears astute witness to the beauty and vulnerability of both landscape and our place within it. Over and again his poems, through their keen observations and careful clarifications, deepen our understanding of the integral relationship between place and the human spirit. These poems are full of vision and affirming wisdom.”
Judith Beveridge, August 2008

Biographical Note

Mark Tredinnick is a poet and essayist. His honours include the Newcastle Poetry Prize, the Blake Poetry Prize, the Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize, the Calibre Essay Prize and the Wildcare Nature Writing Prize. His poems and essays have appeared in Best Australian Essays, ABR, Island, Manoa, Mascara, Meanjin, Orion, Snorkel, Southerly, and other Australian and US literary journals. For many years he reviewed books for The Bulletin; now he reviews for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mark Tredinnick’s books include A Place on Earth (2003), The Land’s Wild Music (2005), The Little Red Writing Book (2006) (published in the US/UK as Writing Well: the Essential Guide (2008)), and The Little Green Grammar Book (2008). The Blue Plateau, a landscape memoir, appears in 2009 in Australia (UWA Press) and the US (Milkweed Editions).

After an interlude in Sydney, Tredinnick now lives with his young family in a farmhouse by the Wingecarribee River, in the NSW Southern Highlands, where he runs The Cowshed Classes and is at work on a volume of poems, a novel, and a book about the consolations of literature in a frantic age.


  1. Eclogues 8:15
  2. Angles of Repose 0:33
  3. I am my beloved’s 1:49
  4. Daniel 0:29
  5. The economics of spring 5:28
  6. The entrails 1:16
  7. House of Thieves 0:30
  8. Improvisation on a daylight moon 2:08
  9. And you 1:29
  10. Urban Eclogues 1:16
  11. What I fear 0:36
  12. Paradise Eclogues 2:27
  13. Plenty 0:31
  14. Nature 2:00
  15. Wingercarribee Eclogues 4:53
  16. Study 0:36
  17. There are moments like this 0:53
  18. The thing with feathers 4:16
  19. Two Hens 1:15
  20. Red Moon Eclogues 3:43

Running Time: 44.2 minutes

All poems ©Mark Tredinnick 2008
Recording ©River Road Press Pty Ltd 2008

ISBN 978-0-9805386-1-8